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Happy 18th birthday DECLAN!!!

Tháng Năm 31, 2010

Hi our dear  friends,
Here all we are, to celebrate this day when our Declan is exactly 18 years old!
Time passes so fast. By this time last year, we warmly celebrated Declan’s 17th birthday together and really had a lot of fun! Now he’s already 18, already a mature man, how great it is! Needless to say, this day is all important to him, and his fans (us, of course ). It’s worth celebrating jubilantly!

Last year, we, VFOD – Vietnamese Fans of Declan, had a happy meeting to say “Happy birthday to Declan!” together, and made a video which you might once watch. This year, we make no exception, but a warm get-together with a lot of new members. We felt like brothers and sisters when together singing the song “Happy birthday”. Declan and his music connect fans and make them closer!
Here is the video shot at the get-together. Hope that you enjoy watching it, as you did last year. Let’s share the great feelings that we all have in this wonderful day!
(As the party has just been held and the video’s just been made, there may be some mistyping mistakes. Hope that you don’t mind :) )

And here are some photos taken :

The cake we’ve made:
The cake with candles :)
We all love Declan and his music, because they make us become friends and support us to do charity. It’s really great that a music idol cares much about that social work. Here is the video we made when we did the charity work:

Together, we say Happy birthday to Declan and wish the best of best for him!
Once idol, forever idol! Once friends, forever friends!

Happy birthday to you, DECLAN!


VFOD joinning the Video contest

Tháng Sáu 18, 2009

This is the newest activity of VFOD.

After the 3rd get-together, we heard the news that there’s been a video contest, which is held by Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training. It’s a big contest for video clips, named “Friendly Clips”, made by college and high school students only.
We decided to edit our videos to take part in this interesting contest. We’ve sent this to the official website of the contest, in order for people to vote for our clip. Luckily, after only 3 days, it has received more than 100 votes and a lot of supporting comments. Even more amazing, it outweighs the video posted 1 month ago, which had maintain its No1 position for a long time. 8)
Though we have received a lot of support from many people, we just want you, our friends on FOD, to support us as you have done :D . Here are some guidelines for you to vote :D we’ll be thankful to you for this.
Here is the link to the clip:
It’s named: “VFOD – A Friendly Fan Club” ^o^
This clip is in both Vietnamese and English!!! :D

To be allowed to vote, you have to register in the website.
Step 1:Click the box marked number 1.
Step 2😦 marked with number 2) fill in the form of registering with the information guidelined ( in red colour). After finishing filling information, you click the box at the bottom ( the lowest red arrow) to save the information.
Step 3:the instruction is easy enough to understand, right?
Step 4: turn back to the website and vote! Take a look at the following picture:
Click the line: “click here” in red. Finish! :D :D
If you’d like to leave a comment, look at the bottom of the page:

Through this contest, we hope that more and more VNese people will know about Declan and his music! :)
So we’re really appreciate your voting and comments! :)

Thank you for always supporting us! See ya! :D

Best regard,

VFOD – The 3rd Get-together

Tháng Sáu 18, 2009

Hi friends, us again! 😀

As you already knew, we held 2 get-together quite long time ago..and from then on, we’d had no chance to meet.
Till 17th May, we had the 3rd one, with a trip to Children Village ( a center for adopted children) to do charity. As usual, we had a lot of fun, and some profound lessons, too…about the unhappiness of those children and their little dreams of being loved by parents. It’s really a meaningful and priceless trip for all of us. :)

This is some pictures of our get-together! 8)


===> The picture we took with some children there

Best regard!


Vietnamese Fans Of Declan

VFOD’s Forum

Tháng Ba 30, 2009
Hi all!!! :D
We’re here again :D to present our newly- established Fans’ Forum website.

A forum has been expected by all the members of VFOD, who wants to share the feelings and inspriration about Declan < everything about him, of course :wink: >. And to meet their expectation, as well as to support our final aim < bring Declan’s music to as many Vietnamese people as possible :o >, we’ve tried to establish an official one. Here is the link:

You also can go to our forum by a very simple way: Just type “VFOD.TK” and ENTER! ^_^-

As you enter our forum, you’ll see the banner <designed by VFOD’s designer>

Especially, in order to help you all, participate in our forum to share together with Vietnamese fans, we’ve added a separated subforum in English 8) . See it here:

Because the forum’s been established recently, it’s now not been filled up with many things yet. So, just register in our forum (the instruction is in English, also :) ), and build it up together.Hope that FODers and VFODers will have a good time there :wink: :wink:

Best regards,

Declan’s message to all V.F.O.D’s members!

Tháng Hai 20, 2009

“What words can you speak to all of us – V.FOD???”

The first question of VFOD to Declan is also a small suggestion 🙂

Penetrating the Vietnamese fans desire of receiving even only some little words from Declan, V.F.O.D’s representative sent him such a suggestion, on the occasion of “Ask Declan a question” opening (the first time in 2009)


Dear Declan,
Here is V.FOD – Your Fan Club in Vietnam! :)
Happy Lunar New Year! <have you received our calendar?! ;) >

We hope that you still remember this small FC in a small country!! :P :P
For a start, we’d like to send big thanks to you. thank to you and your musical talent, we’re not only the people who have the same interest, but become true friends as well. That’s really great! one thing we want you to know is in February 8th, we will have our second get-together! Many things to do are being expected!
We sometimes feel sad because of incapability of buying your CDs <in Vietnam, it’s a big problem> :( :( . In this condition, we just try our best to do something that would be good for you. We hope that with our attempt, we can bring your songs to much more people in our country! :D :)

It’s really, really difficult for us to express our love to you and your musical talent… :oops: :oops:

And this is the most expected thing of ours:

What words can you speak to all of us – V.FOD??? :D

All the best,

After waiting for 18 days long, VFOD’s just received Declan’s answer:



How about “Thank You” and “You guys certainly seem to have fun………”

But can I also say “It never ceases to amaze me how much effort all of you around the world go to ……”

“I hope you all enjoy the music I may do in the future wherever in the world you are, and I hope it won’t be too long before I get to visit all your countries.”

Best wishes

This answer was posted at 11h51 p.m . Though it was quite late, Declan’s tried his best to answer many questions from his fans, including of VFOD’s. It seems to be certain that all of us feel great admiration for his kindness. It’s impossible to find another one who is dearer than him! 😉

We, VFOD, would like to send our big thanks to Declan, who is loved not only for his talent, but his likable personality as well!! 😀 🙂

VFOD – the second get-together

Tháng Hai 16, 2009


After 2 months since the first get-together had been successfully held, V.F.O.D’s members gathered once again! Those enthusiastic people, who were very eager to meet their friends, got together at 2 Pm in February 8th, 2009. The place chosen was a small café called “Banana Café” – 472 Le Duan Street, Ha Noi. 😀


Waiting rather long for the second offline, with full of eagerness and things to share, V.F.O.Ders all came on time to make a meeting of minds. 🙂


That get-together was held in order to summarize the work of V.F.O.D from the very first days and announce the future plan of the FC. They will be not only interesting, but helpful as well. Of course, our big aim is to tighten the solidarity among the members and popularize Declan’s music in Vietnam.


To make dreams get out of fantasy…V.F.O.D have tried our very best as Declan has. Since we do not only trust in Declan’s musical dream, we also trust in our dreams ourselves! 8)


This get-together marks the matureness of V.F.O.D in both planning, carrying out the activities and the bonds of the members. We’re now in each other’s pockets, proving our solidarity, activeness and creativeness! 😀




Thanks all members for your attendance. We hope that in the next offline, others will have time to attend to make it more successful. The biggest hope are wished for the members in Ho Chi Minh city, who are very far from us but always in favour of the FC, that someday all of you, together with us, we can hold a get-together at the same time and in the same place! We’re always proud of you! 😀 😀 😀

VFOD’s Calendar 2009

Tháng Hai 16, 2009

“Declan Super Cool Carlendar 2009”

All of you already know, having an official product of Declan, to most Vietnamese fans, is really a big difficulty. Sympathizing with this disadvantage, V.F.O.D’s president had planned to design an unique calendar for only V.F.O.D’s members.

The design was completed in November 22nd 2008. The calendar with 5 pages was introduced on the blog to collect member’s ideas. The last design was decided. Here it is:






The calendar named “Declan super cool calendar 2009” was in the process to be the real one before Lunar New Year 2009. It’s a special gift for V.F.O.D’s members on this occasion. It’s made more special when it’s on behalf of V.F.O.D to be sent as a gift to DECLAN. We hope that this small present will be soon delivered to Declan and he will love it! 😉 :D:D

To all Vietnamese people, Lunar New Year is always a spiritually meaningful holiday. However, to V.F.O.Ders this year, it carries much more meaning. 🙂

This meaningful gift was introduced on FOD, and we have received lots of positive replies. Many people have asked us for sale, but unfortunately, the copyright that allows it does not belong to V.F.O.D. Moreover, as we said earlier, all V.F.O.D’s products are not made for any commercial purposes. Thus, we do not definitely sell this calendar.

V.F.O.D would like to send big thanks to FOD’s members, who always care and support our activities. 🙂 😀